Why Pure Water?

The Reverse Osmosis Technology


The reverse osmosis process was first developed and demonstrated in United State California Los Angeles in 1959. The purpose of process is to extract salty or contaminated water. The reverse osmosis was a breakthrough, and by NASA for recycling waste water in space shutter, In 1960, a small pilot Saline Water Conversion Laboratory constructed the first reverse osmosis system. Today, reverse osmosis technology is available to residential and commercial water application.

The Reverse Osmosis Process

The reverse osmosis process is mainly relying on a semi-permeable water molecules from salty or contaminated water. The membrane has hole on it, which can only allow water molecules to pass through. In permeable membrane is set in the middle of a tube. Water containing chemical contents is going from the left to the right under high pressure.

Do not use this product where water is microbiologically unsafe or with water of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.


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